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Securing the modern Wireless World

An explosion of wireless vulnerabilities in recent years has created a weakness in the security posture of many organizations. With nearly 3000 CVEs published based on wireless protocols, the wireless attack surface is highly vulnerable to exploitation and largely ignored by most security solutions.


Wireless protocols use Radio Frequencies (RF) to transmit information. Similar to sunlight, those waves travel at the speed of light, but unlike sunlight, they penetrate physical barriers and are invisible to the eye. A basic tenet of security is you can’t protect what you can’t see.


The Solution
Bastille provides the tools to secure the invisible wireless attack surface. With its patented solution of broadband, multi-channel RF sensors, highly scalable architecture, and advanced analytics, Bastille detects, locates, and adjudicates wireless signals.


Bastille collects a comprehensive set of data about every wireless device including their location over time, manufacturer, and transmission activities and overall behavior.


Bastille automatically identifies aberrant or malicious behavior and integrates with third-party systems to provide alerts and execute automated responses. Bastille’s advanced analytics engine, fueled with machine learning algorithms and backed by 30+ patents, provides insights into both known wireless infrastructure and other detected wireless devices using spatial, temporal, and behavioral information. The result is the world’s first Wireless Threat Intelligence Platform.

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