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The Ultimate Wireless Site Survey Kit

The HiveRadar Wireless Site Survey Kit (WSSK) is unlike anything on the market today. It is the most compact, all-inclusive and multifunctional wireless site survey kit designed for Wi-Fi professionals. 

With a compact and rugged design the WSSK

is loaded with all the tools you need:

  • custom battery with cables

  • mounting pole

  • articulating arm

  • laser distance measure

  • powerful LED flashlight

  • multi-tool


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Ultimate Portability & Airline Friendly

Use the integrated retractable handle or the optional shoulder strap for ultimate portability & maneuverability.


Weighing in just under 10kg fully loaded, it is light and meets virtually all Airline Carry on requirements. 

The included battery also meets carry on guidelines as outlined by Civil Aviation Safety Authority, TSA, FAA & IATA.


Universal Rail Mount for Access Points

The sleek & lightweight articulating mount is perfect for positioning the Wi-Fi Access Points in either Ceiling or Wall Mount deployment configuration. The mount replicates a ceiling rail making it universal & compatible with nearly all access points.


LED Flashlight

Rechargeable LED Flashlight at 1200 lumens is super bright. Integrated intensity control, strobe and SOS mode provide up to 12 Hrs* of runtime. There is a USB input charging port and also a USB output port for emergency power to your mobile device.

Multi-ToolLaser Distance Measure

A Laser Distance Measure is a must for scaling floorplans on site. Included unit accurately measures up to 60m or 196ft. These units can also calculate Area, Volume, etc.


Carbon Fibre Mounting Pole

Our custom made carbon fibre poles are thick cross­layered carbon fibre tubes for maximum rigidity and durability. Extremely lightweight, easy to assemble with quick twist lock mechanism, it is also multi­functional i.e can be used as a camera tripod.

Premium Braided Cables

All cables are custom made and encased in thermal sleeves to provide a sleeker look that seamlessly integrates with the case’s aesthetic. Velcro cable ties are strategically incorporated for tangle­free, clean and secure connection to the mounting pole.


Custom Power Connectors

Custom DC power connectors are incorporated into the case. All external connections are secure and waterproof. Also included waterproof RJ45 & USB connectors, making it a truly versatile unit for Internet connectivity on the job-site if needed for Wi-Fi survey, trade shows, etc.

HiveRadar Survey Battery

Battery is our core component and the custom Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePo4) battery chemistry is an advanced technology which is lighter, safer and longer lasting than other rechargeable batteries. The HiveRadar battery can power an access point for up to 21 hrs*.


HiveRadar Wireless Site Survey Kit Specifications

  • AP Power Source: 12VDC & PoE/PoE+

  • AP Mounting Height: 9′

  • Mounting Hardware: Included

  • Mounting Scenario: Ceiling or Wall Mount

  • Case Dimensions: L22.0″ x W14.0″ x H9.0″

  • Weight (without AP): 20.5lbs

  • Ethernet for Backhaul: Included

  • Power Pack: 100wh LiFePo4 Battery

  • Run Time: DC – Up to 21 Hours / PoE+: Up to 9 Hours

  • Flashlight: LED / Rechargeable

  • Toolkit (Airline Friendly): Included

  • Cable: DC/Ethernet

  • Options & Accessories: Tethering Kit, Additional Battery


Rugged & Waterproof

Offering the ultimate grade of protection the HiveRadar is buoyant, watertight & impact resistant. All external connections are secure and waterproof

Big Things In A Small Package

Despite its compact size the HiveRadar WSSK is full of big surprises. Every single item needed to perform a WiFi site survey is neatly organized in the case. From 56cm at its smallest to 2.7m fully extended.

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