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Our consultancy & needs analysis skills can be integrated into a customised service that grows and changes with your business and the needs of your customer base.

inTechnology’s accredited consultants and engineers can act on your behalf to ensure your customers’ installation runs smoothly, on time and on budget. inTechnology Consultancy brings highly qualified people to complement the skills of your own team.

The consultancy expertise spans design through to installation, incorporating specialities such as Wi-Fi design, AAA/RADIUS, Security Migration Projects, MDM design and implementation, RTLS Consulting, RTLS System Design and Development as well as Firewall and Web filtering Services. By pre-booking consultancy resources, you can take advantage of our preferential rates.

Key Benefits Of InTechnology Consultancy:

  • Complements existing support staff

  • Optimises budgets by pre-booking at preferential rates

  • Provides Project Management

  • Solves complex technical problems

  • Supports your business through major projects

  • Minimises administrative overheads

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