Smoothwall RADAR Australian Launch- Webinar Recording

How To Identify Online Threats Before They Become Real-Life Incidents In Education

RADAR safeguards children through intelligent, real-time monitoring that alerts staff to incidents as they happen.


Offering the most intelligent and effective monitoring solution for safeguarding in schools, RADAR is a real-time monitoring solution that alerts safeguarding staff to incidents as they happen. Monitoring both keystrokes and screen views, safeguarding staff can be safe in the knowledge that should a user try to access or view inappropriate content, they will be alerted based on the level and severity of risk.


The intuitive and highly visual console uses heat maps which allows you to easily evaluate themes and patterns of behaviour of student activity which have occurred both online and offline, during and outside of school hours. Intelligent pre-grading of incidents reduces the number of false positives meaning you can concentrate on providing support and education to the children in your care.

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