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Breaking News: Actall Receives Patent for ATLAS Dual Band Real Time Location System

Sydney, Australia 27th February 2024, Actall Corporation, the market leader for RTLS and IoT technology designed for complex architecture, today announced that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has issued them a new patent, No.11,785,491 (the 491 patent).

This further strengthens the Company’s intellectual property position and coverage for the Company’s zonal RTLS system, ATLAS.

The 491 patent, titled, “Dual Band Real Time Location” describes the ATLAS real-time locating system for tracking the location of tags associated with people and assets. The 491 patent is the second issued for ATLAS RTLS, joining patent No. 11,599,761 titled: “Adaptable Tracking Tag,” covering tracking tags used to track the location of people and assets.

“These two patents issued in the last 12 months demonstrate our commitment to developing the ATLAS ecosystem, originally introduced in 2012 for Staff Safety in Correctional and Behavioral Health custody environments,” said Bob Hampe, President & CEO of Actall.

“We are pleased with ATLAS’ development to date and excited about our product development pipeline to improve the system’s performance and features in the near and medium term.”

"These patent awards underscore our commitment to continued improvement of location solutions and IoT advancements in complex architecture; Kudos to all of our team members for this achievement", added Hampe.

"As the distributors of Actall across the Asia Pacific region, we're thrilled to share the news of Actall Corporation's latest achievement in its journey of innovation. This U.S. Patent alongside the previously granted patent, marks a significant milestone in bolstering the intellectual property landscape of the ATLAS real-time locating system," said Mark Winter Chief Executive Officer at inTechnology Distribution.

"This development not only enhances our portfolio but also reaffirms our commitment to delivering cutting-edge RTLS and IoT solutions tailored for complex architectural environments," Mark said. W"e are excited to continue bringing these advancements to our markets, furthering the capabilities of staff safety and asset tracking across various sectors".

"Congratulations to the entire Actall team for their relentless dedication and innovation."


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